Motorist Assistance

Providing assistance 365 days a year

Motorist Assistance Program

Our Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) is a free service that helps motorists deal with disabled vehicles on our bridges and ramps. The program is designed to keep our bridge roadways safe, provide traffic control and offer roadside assistance.

Operating hours vary at each bridge, but are generally during daylight hours. If a MAP vehicle is unavailable, DRPA police will assist drivers of disabled vehicles contact a towing service for further help.

What types of services do MAP operators provide?

  • Assist disabled vehicles
    • Change flat tire, if the motorist has a spare
    • Jump-start weak battery
    • Supply emergency gasoline, diesel or water
    • Provide courtesy use of a telephone
    • Assist in contacting a towing service (at motorist’s expense) for further help as necessary
  • Serve as first responders to maintenance issues (clean up debris, control fuel spills, etc.)
  • Relieve congestion and maintain the consistent flow of traffic at incident locations

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