The Procurement Department's purpose is to procure quality goods and general services, as well as construction, professional and technical services based on the mission of the Authority. As stewards of public assets, we provide for the safe and efficient operation of transportation services and facilities in a manner that creates value for the public we serve. We aspire to do this by using principles of open competition, fairness with the highest level of integrity and inclusion of all the smaller businesses with which we work. The Procurement Department consists of multiple functional areas. The Department provides client services to the entire Authority and ensures procedural and operational integrity, compliance, consistency and transparency of the procurement process.


The DRPA and PATCO utilize the Ariba Network for all sourcing, contracts and supplier management. In order to compete for procurement opportunities with the Authority, your company must register on the Ariba Network and complete the Authority's supplier registration questionnaire. You can register on the Ariba Network at any time. Registration is free, quick and easy.


Registering as a Supplier with DRPA/PATCO on Ariba


Your company currently conducts or has previously conducted business with the Authority.

We have created an account profile with your existing information on file.


Your company is new to the Authority and is interested in procurement opportunities.

Select this option to establish your account profile as a new vendor.


Once you have registered and completed the DRPA/PATCO Supplier Registration, you may login to the Ariba Network:


Ariba FAQs

Have questions about Ariba? Here are the answers to some popular questions:

Q. Where do I log in?
A. (timesaving tip: bookmark this page)

Q. I already do business with the DRPA. Do I need to register?
A. Yes- Moving forward, DRPA is using Ariba for all of their sourcing, contracting, and supplier management activities. To be considered for any upcoming sourcing opportunities, you must complete the DRPA Supplier Registration on the Ariba Network. If you did not already receive an invite to register, contact for directions.

Q. I tried to register, and I hit an error message. Help!
A. If you are having trouble registering, please email If you are receiving some type of error message, it would be most helpful to include a screenshot of the error in your email. The DRPA vendor management team will assist you in getting into Ariba so you can register.

Q. I made a mistake on my registration, how do I fix it?
A. Moving forward, DRPA's suppliers will be expected to self-manage their supplier details via the Supplier Registration. If, at any time, you need to update the information you provided on your Supplier Registration:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your Ariba username & password
  3. Under the proposals tab, click on Supplier Registration Questionnaire
  4. Click on the blue button in the middle of the screen that reads Revise Response
  5. Make the required changes
  6. Re-submit the questionnaire
  7. Updates will be reviewed for approval by the DRPA


Procurement Manual
Vendor Political Policy
Political Contribution Form and Certification