Frequent Bridge Travelers Program


Frequent Bridge Traveler Credit

Commuters with NJ E-ZPass who make 18 or more round-trip bridge crossings during a calendar month will receive an $18.00 monthly account credit. The commuter credit applies only to non-commercial passenger vehicles, including motorcycles and small trucks that weigh 7,000 lbs. and less.

To participate in the Frequent Bridge Traveler Credit plan, you must enroll. To enroll, login to your NJ E-ZPass account online to add the plan to your E-ZPass tag(s). To sign up for a NJ E-ZPass account, visit

Enrollment is easy!


 Step by step online enrollment guide

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Click Here to Log In/Register!" and log in with your username, account number, or tag number.
  3. Hover over "My Account" on the top right, then choose "Plans".
  4. In the drop-down list for Plan Name, choose "DRPA Discount Plan".
  5. Select the transponder you want to enroll from the drop-down list for Existing Tag Number and click "Add Plan".
  6. The tag will be added under the plan list, you are now enrolled.


  1. Have your account number and transponder(s) number ready to identify the E-ZPass tag(s) you wish to enroll.
  2. Call 1-888-288-6865 to speak with an E-ZPass Customer Service Representative.
  3. Ask to enroll your tag(s) in tag specific plan name "DRPADP".


Q: Will I have to fill out an application or file new paperwork?
A: NJ E-ZPass customers must login to their accounts and enroll, to receive the Frequent Bridge Traveler Credit. Visit to enroll.

Q: When will the commuter credit appear on my NJ E-ZPass statement?
A: Qualifying customers will still see $5.00 per trip noted on their current month statements. However, an $18.00 credit will appear on the statement for the following month after those 18 trips.

Q: What if I only cross 17 times in a calendar month?
A: The credit will only apply if a commuter crosses 18 times.

Q: What if I cross more than 18 times in a calendar month?
Will I receive a larger credit?

A: No, the maximum credit is $18.00 per calendar month.

Q: What if I have a senior discount on my NJ E-ZPass?
A: Commuters who are enrolled in the Senior Discount Program are not eligible for the commuter credit..

Q: What if members of my family and I use the same E-ZPass tag on our cars?
A: The commuter credit is tag-specific and will be applied based on the trips per tag.

Q: How can I sign up for a NJ E-ZPass account?
A: Visit for information on NJ E-ZPass and how to apply. You may also call the NJ EZPass Service Center at 1-888-288-6865.


Please contact Customer Service at (856) 968-2000.