20-year Purchase Power Agreement
Design Phase: Completed
Design Consultant: SunPower Corporation
Construction Monitoring: Jacobs Engineering
Construction Phase: 2020-2021
Contractor: SunPower Corporation
Completion Date: 2021


Project Description

This is a major solar energy project that, once completed, is expected to provide more than 50% of the total electricity consumption through solar energy for both PATCO and the DRPA. The DRPA/PATCO Solar Energy Project will be one of the largest transportation-related alternative energy initiatives in the region, potentially resulting in millions of dollars of electricity cost savings.

The DRPA conducted a solar feasibility assessment in 2017 for all DRPA and PATCO property. The results of the assessment determined that the DRPA would benefit from a large solar program. Eight (8) project sites were identified and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was recommended as the best approach for the DRPA. The Power Purchase Agreement is an agreement in which a Solar Developer is responsible for generating the electricity and the DRPA will purchase the power from the Solar Developer at a set rate over the Agreement period of 20 years.

Proposed locations for the installation of solar generation technology include the Commodore Barry Bridge, Betsy Ross Bridge, One Port Center, Lindenwold Station, Woodcrest Station, Ashland Station, and Ferry Ave Station. As envisioned, the project will involve installing solar technology that will generate an estimated 20 megawatts (MW) of electricity through a combination of ballasted flat roof mounts, ground mounted arrays, and solar canopies over parking, storage, and work areas.

The DRPA is committed to reducing its environmental footprint while simultaneously improving the efficiency of the critical transportation infrastructure that it owns and operates.


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