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Released: 5/17/2023 

Community Request Keeps Cyclists Rolling Across Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway


At the Delaware River Port Authority, we operate by the motto "Stewardship. Service. Community."

Our company mission reads in part that "we provide for the safe and efficient operation of transportation services and facilities in a manner that creates value for the public we serve."

With that in mind, when a concerned local resident recently contacted us, we knew it was our responsibility to take action.

As a result of the Ben Franklin Bridge Suspension Span & Anchorage Rehabilitation Project, the south pedestrian walkway was recently temporarily closed while the north pedestrian walkway was opened.

The resident stated that they were worried about the difficulty of transporting their bicycle up and down the steps to access the 5th Street tunnel crossover on the Philadelphia side of the bridge.

Upon hearing this, workers with the Ben Franklin Bridge Maintenance Department sprung into action and installed a sliding ramp along the side of the steps that made it easier for riders to transport their bikes up and down the steps.

"I wanted to say THANK YOU! And please thank your bridge operations crew as well. I noticed recently that the ramps were installed on the Philadelphia side of the Ben Franklin Bridge footpath underpass. It just made me really happy that the DRPA was receptive to user feedback. I really appreciate that and wanted to make sure it didn’t go unrecognized," the rider wrote to the DRPA in an email.

At the DRPA, we are committed to building credibility, earning public trust and creating public value.

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