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Released: 3/13/2023 

DRPA Police Officers Honored

The Camden County Hero Scholarship Fund (CCHSF) recently celebrated the achievements of area police officers at an awards ceremony during its 56th Annual Dinner.

The event was held on March 10, 2023, and celebrates public safety personnel’s service to the families of Camden County and honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. The annual event also honors and recognizes those individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty, putting their lives on the line and making Camden County a safer place to live.

This year, 13 DRPA police officers were recognized with citations for demonstrating professionalism and commitment to duty to the community.

DRPA High Angle Rescue Team Citation Award

Award Recipients:

  • Lieutenant Jessica Gabe
  • Sergeant James Keefer
  • Sergeant Daniel Grazioli
  • Sergeant Timothy Silberstein
  • Acting Sergeant Anthony LaTorres
  • Corporal Scott Stickney
  • Officer Khary Bullock
  • Officer Matthew Romano
  • Officer Ricardo Santiago

In July 2022, DRPA Police responded to a report of a distressed individual at the Betsy Ross Bridge. A female was located by officers standing on the steel bridge structure outside of the railing on a 10” steel beam located approximately 150’ above the Delaware River. Patrol units attempted to communicate with the individual, but she ignored them, continuing to turn and face the river. As a result, the DRPA High Angle Rescue Team (HART) responded to the location. In addition to being highly trained in rope and technical rescue, HART members also train extensively in crisis resolution and negotiation.

HART members immediately began a dialogue with the female while other members set up rigging for a potential rope rescue. After several hours of negotiating, a decision was made to attempt a rescue. The longer she remained outside the railing, the more likely fatigue would set in, and she could fall accidentally. HART members on the roadway were able to distract the female while an officer in a harness rappelled behind her and pinned her to the steel with his body. From this point, the team was able to secure the female and safely bring her back over the railing out of danger. Medical personnel determined that she was uninjured at the scene and transported her to an area hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

The CCHSF states, “the collective actions of these members of the Delaware River Port Authority High Angle Rescue Team demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to duty, in a manner that is truly to be admired.”

Ben Franklin Bridge Walkway Lifesaving Citation Award

Award Recipients:

  • Corporal Timothy P. Fletcher
  • Officer Richard Ridolfi
  • Officer Vincent J. Amorosi
  • Officer Shawn Waters
  • Civilian Ilia Peregudov
  • Civilian Marc Eran Denlinger

In November 2022, DRPA Police received a call for a medical emergency on the Ben Franklin Bridge pedestrian walkway. A male subject was reported to be experiencing a cardiac emergency, and a pedestrian had started CPR. Officer Ridolfi and Cpl. Fletcher were the first responding officers to the scene. Both officers retrieved an AED and life box from their patrol vehicles and climbed one of the emergency ladders leading from the roadway to the elevated footwalk area.

Upon arrival at the scene, Officer Ridolfi applied the AED and completed an initial assessment of the victim, finding no pulse or breathing. After analysis by the AED, Officer Ridolfi began chest compressions while Cpl. Fletcher applied oxygen and monitored the victim’s vital signs. Shortly thereafter, Officer Waters and Officer Amorosi arrived on the scene. Officer Waters assisted with managing crowd control, while Officer Amorosi provided secondary support in assisting advanced medical personnel onto the footwalk.

After two rounds of chest compressions and rescue breathing by Officer Ridolfi, the victim regained a pulse and began breathing independently. At this time, Officer Ridolfi discontinued CPR and placed the victim in a comfortable position while continuing to administer oxygen.

As EMS arrived on location and gathered equipment, Officer Amorosi assisted their efforts by taking possession of the stretcher and running it up the footwalk. His efforts expedited the patient’s transport needs. Ultimately the victim was removed from the footwalk and transported to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. At the hospital, medical staff credited the rapid response of the Officers and the use of available medical equipment with saving the victim’s life.

The CCHSF states, “the actions of Corporal Fletcher, Officer Ridolfi, Officer Amorosi, Officer Waters, Mr. Peregudov, and Mr. Denlinger undoubtedly saved the life of this individual and they are commended for their commitment to duty, and their fellow man, in a manner that is truly to be admired.”

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