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Released: 3/8/2023 

Camden Middle School Students Present Bridge Designs To DRPA Engineers

A group of 8th graders had the unique opportunity to present their bridge designs to a panel of engineers from the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA).

Students at the Leap Academy Charter School showcased their designs and had the chance to display them to the panel of the DRPA representatives. The students were given the chance to justify and test their bridge designs.

The ceremony took place on March 8 at the school on Cooper Street in Camden, New Jersey.

For six weeks, the students worked closely with DRPA engineers via the Youth Exploration Program (YEP) to learn about bridge building and design. The students were able to visit several of the DRPA bridges in person and explore various engineering career paths.

In the Fall, students can choose to continue in the dual enrollment ‘Engineering Track’ in partnership with Rowan University.

YEP is a DRPA Community Education Initiative in concert with other Authority departments, designed to promote awareness and stimulate the interest in middle and high school students by providing a platform which allows them to explore the transportation, bridges, engineering and safety industry. As part of this initiative students participate in hands-on STEM focused activities, visit our bridges, trains and afford the benefit of presentations by experts in various fields.

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