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Released: 1/3/2023 

A Best of 2022 Recap

At the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) and Port Authority Transportation Corporation (PATCO), the year 2022 proved to be a historic 365 days filled with firsts and returns of traditions. Take a ride with us and explore some of the newsworthy happenings at the DRPA and PATCO in 2022.

No Toll Increase, Again

For the 12th consecutive year, motorists who cross DRPA bridges between Pennsylvania and South Jersey will not have to pay more in 2023. The current toll schedule, implemented in July 2011, keeps a roundtrip at $5 for passenger vehicles.

PATCO Trains Powered By The Sun

The DRPA completed a major solar energy project installation in 2022. The 22-megawatt project is one of the largest transportation-related alternative energy initiatives in the Greater Philadelphia region and directly powers the PATCO Speedline.

Making A Difference In The Community

Whether donating toys, musical instruments or raising money to help battle cancer, DRPA Police Officers once again came together to create a positive impact in the community.

Franklin Square Station Construction Kicks Off

In February 2022, construction to reopen the PATCO Franklin Square Station began. The “Ghost Station” had been shuttered since 1979. The state-of-the-art station is scheduled to reopen and begin welcoming passengers again in 2024.

Raptor Rides PATCO

To show that PATCO is always a great option to get from South Jersey to Philadelphia, Jojo, the Utahraptor, took a ride on PATCO to attend Jurassic Quest at the Convention Center.

Historic Police Promotions
In 2022, the DRPA announced several historic police department promotions, including the department’s first African-American Chief and two female Lieutenants.

PATCO Introduces Unlimited Weekend Pass

The $18 monthly pass offers passengers unlimited travel between Friday and Sunday Nights. The discounted, flat-rate unlimited pass is a first for PATCO.

After Hiatus, Traditions Return

After taking a break as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, several traditions made their triumphant return in 2022. The Youth Exploration Program (YEP) returned in 2022 when it kicked-off its 6-week “Introduction to Engineering” program. In addition, for the first time since 2019, the PATCO Santa Silver Sleigh returned in December. The specially decorated trains feature Santa and his elves.

PATCO Interlocking Project Honored
PATCO was honored for its Way Interlocking and Subway Structure Rehabilitation Project. Railway Track and Structures magazine named the project one of the nation’s best rail projects for 2022.

Nearly 1 Million NJ E-ZPass Transponders Replaced

In 2022, approximately 920,000 NJ E-ZPass transponders were replaced as the devices were nearing the end of their battery life. The goal of the replacement program was to make travel more convenient and minimalize any inconvenience to customers.

Crash Survivor Thanks Hero Officers
Two months after a near-fatal car crash, Jeannie Seguin had the opportunity to meet and personally thank the DRPA police officers who helped to save her life. It was an emotional reunion for all involved.

Why All the PATCO Track Work Schedules?
It is a question the PATCO Social Media Team is asked often: “Why does PATCO seem to have track work schedules all the time?” The answer, as one would imagine, is multi-layered.

Station Enhancements Project Continues
In 2022, enhancements to numerous PATCO stations continued. One of the highlights was the remodel of the Woodcrest Station, complete with the opening of a brand-new FREEDOM Card Customer Service Center.

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