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Released: 2/28/2022 

Whitman Bridge Project Named New Jersey’s Leading Capital Construction Project


The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) was honored to receive a “New Jersey’s Leading Capital Construction Project” award from the New Jersey Alliance for Action.

The award received by the DRPA recognizes the Walt Whitman Bridge I-76 Corridor Rehabilitation Project. The $74 million project rehabilitated approximately two miles of Interstate 76 in South Philadelphia between the bridge’s toll plaza and Passyunk Avenue.

“Stewardship and public service are at the root of the Authority’s mission and purpose,” said John T. Hanson, DRPA CEO. “This award serves as a testament to the hard work of all the men and women of DRPA and to the contractors who support us as well.”

The awards ceremony was held virtually on Friday, February 25, 2022.

“The Walt Whitman Bridge–Corridor Reconstruction project is a great example of what can be done when organizations work as a team to develop a fantastic project,” said Gerald T. Keenan, NJ Alliance for Action President. “I am pleased the project was selected to receive a “New Jersey’s Leading Capital Construction Project” award in honor of your work.”

The New Jersey Alliance for Action’s “New Jersey’s Leading Capital Construction Projects” awards program was created to highlight innovative, pioneering, and landmark construction initiatives that greatly impact the state’s economy and to honor the businesses and organizations that work together as partners to ensure the project’s success.

Improvements of the project include:

  • Pavement rehabilitation with select areas of full-depth pavement reconstruction with curb replacement
  • Improvement of drainage with the addition of new inlets
  • Removal and replacement of concrete roadway on the overpasses
  • Shoulder grading
  • Rehabilitation of pedestrian tunnels
  • Installation of new sign structures
  • Installation of new light poles, electrical and fiber optic lines

The project began in 2020 and was completed by the end of 2021, months ahead of schedule.

“We are stewards of vital transit infrastructure and value our commitment to maintaining those assets,” said Hanson. “We hold them in trust for their owners: the public. We protect, maintain, and operate them on behalf of the community.”

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