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Released: 1/25/2022 

Winning 2022 DRPA Safety Slogan Stresses Importance of Shared Responsibility

"Safety is key -- it’s up to you and me."

Every year, the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) and Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) asks their employees to submit entries for the Safety Slogan contest.

The winning motto for 2022 was entered by DRPA Graphic Design Administrator Dierdre Donatucci.

The DRPA/PATCO’s Central Safety & Health Committee’s Programs & Activities Subcommittee received nearly 70 entries for the 2022 contest.

Donatucci, who has been with the Authority since 2018, was honored to win the contest and emphasized her commitment to safety at the DRPA & PATCO.

"Safety is always a joint effort and it is important now more than ever to take care of each other and make sure we are operating in a safe environment here at the Authority," said Donatucci.

For her winning submission, Donatucci will receive a reserved parking space for one month, recognition on all Authority information flat screens and recognition at a future Authority Board Meeting.

In addition, the winning slogan will be inducted into the Authority’s Safety Slogan Hall of Fame.

“We extend our congratulations to Dierdre and thank her for taking the time to submit the Authority safety slogan for 2022. Dierdre’s slogan serves as a reminder of our shared commitment to continue making employee safety and the safety of the public a top priority at the DRPA and PATCO,” the Subcommittee said in a joint statement.

DRPA & PATCO Safety Slogan Hall of Fame:

1994 | Accidents No More in 94
1995 | Sober, Safe, and Alive in 95
1996 | An Unguarded Minute has an Accident in it
1997 | Avoid the Worst Think Safety First
1998 | Safety, The Bridge to the Future
1999 | Safety, A Lifetime Experience
2000 | Safety, Everyone’s Priority
2001 | Safety, An Enterprising Life Style
2002 | Keep Safety in Mind All the Time
2003 | Safety’s Intention is Accident Prevention
2004 | Let Safety Soar in 2004
2005 | Safety Rules Are Our Best Tools
2006 | Never Take a Break from Safety
2007 | Be Safety Smart Before Your Start
2008 | Accident-Free is the Best Way to Be
2009 | If You Can Not Do It Safely Then Do Not Do It At All
2010 | Lead the Way, Practice Safety Today
2011 | Safety Is Simple As A, B, C. Always Be Careful
2012 | No Contest this Year
2013 | No Contest this Year
2014 | Make Safety Routine in 2014
2015 | Avoid the Worst, Put Safety First
2016 | United We Stand with Safety for All
2017 | Safety Never Takes A Day Off
2018 | Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident
2019 | Safety starts with S but begins with You
2020 | On the bridges or on the rails, safety first never fails.
2021 | Safety is a full-time job – don't make it a part-time practice.
2022 | Safety is key – it’s up to you and me.

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