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Released: 9/16/2021 

Ben Franklin Bridge, PATCO Concourse To Shine Red & Green To Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, the Ben Franklin Bridge, as well as PATCO concourses, will be aglow in red and green several times during September and October.

The Ben Franklin Bridge and PATCO concourses will be shining red and green:

  • September 22 and 23
  • October 3-10

Each year, beginning on September 15 through October 15, our nation recognizes National Hispanic Heritage Month.  This special period is a time to commemorate the rich history and culture of the Hispanic and Latinx communities in the United States.

The month-long observance is celebrated nationwide through ceremonies, educational initiatives, festivals, parades, food fairs, art shows, community gatherings and other special celebratory activities.

“I want to take this time to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements, contributions, and dedication of Hispanic and Latinx people to our government, businesses, education, sports, science, the arts. I also want to recognize members of the Hispanic and Latinx community whose hard work, commitment, creativity and leadership every day contribute to the strength of DRPA and PATCO leadership and operations,” said John Hanson, DRPA CEO and PATCO President.

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