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Released: 12/19/2019 

PATCO Unveils Brand New Elevator at Haddonfield Station



Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks next step in progression of expansive elevator project

Commuters in Haddonfield received an early holiday gift Thursday morning as PATCO held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the official opening of the station’s elevator.

The event was at the Haddonfield Station on December 19, 2019.

“Today is an exciting time to be here, cut the ribbon and put this elevator in service for our riders here in Haddonfield,” said PATCO General Manager John Rink.

Rink was joined by DRPA CEO and PATCO President John Hanson, Haddonfield Mayor Neal Rochford, Borough of Haddonfield Commissioner Colleen Bianco Bezich, as well DRPA Senior Engineer Elisabeth L. Klawunn.

“I consider this an awesome day in Haddonfield’s history. This Speedline has been such a vital part of our economic wellbeing,” said Mayor Rochford. “I know earlier this year PATCO celebrated their 50th anniversary and it’s nice to see so much work still continuing to make this such an awesome transportation system.”

Hanson stressed the importance of leaving the PATCO train line in better shape than it was received for the future employees of DRPA and PATCO.

“Sometimes people like to rest on their laurels after 50 years, but this is only getting better and better and it is an economic driver within the South Jersey community,” said Mayor Rochford.

Mayor Rochford is excited for the residents of Haddonfield to take advantage of the new elevator.

“We also have a very robust shopping district, so I’m hoping people will come over to Haddonfield to shop and bring all those packages. Before they had to go down the steps or elevator, now they can just get onto this very nice elevator and it will be very convenient for them,” said Mayor Rochford.

Hanson added his appreciation for all those involved in making the Haddonfield elevator a reality.

“I’m very proud of the PATCO team. I’m very proud of the DRPA team in doing this work,” said Hanson.

Last year, construction began on a $31 million project to install elevators in all currently unequipped PATCO train stations. The Ashland, Haddonfield, Westmont and Collingswood Stations will each receive one elevator, while the City Hall and 12/13th & Locust Stations will have two elevators installed. The Ashland elevator is scheduled to open next, followed by Westmont.

Upon completion in 2022, all 13 PATCO stations will be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities and those using wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles.

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