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Released: 7/14/2015 

DRPA to Approve Commuter Credit for Bridge Users

Nearly 30,000 E-ZPass customers could each save up to $216 per year

CAMDEN, N.J.: The Board of Commissioners of the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) will meet on Wednesday at 9am to approve a commuter credit for frequent users of the Authority’s four bridges.

Under this newly approved program, New Jersey E-ZPass commuters who make 18 or more round-trip bridge crossings during a calendar month will receive an $18 monthly account credit. The commuter credit applies only to non-commercial passenger vehicles, including motorcycles and small trucks that are 7,000 lbs. and less. Enrollment for the commuter credit is automatic and the credit will appear on the following month’s E-ZPass statement.

“The Board is excited to implement this commuter credit,” says Ryan N. Boyer, DRPA Board Chairman. “Having listened to the wants and needs of our commuters, it was clearly the right decision at the right time. I commend CEO John Hanson and the men and women of the DRPA for running the organization in a way that allows us to give back to the people of this region. It is another example of the DRPA’s commitment to Stewardship, Service and Community and Governor Tom Wolf’s focus on government that works. We look forward to its positive impact.”

“Thanks to reduced spending, responsible management and tightening our budget, the DRPA is in a position to explore opportunities to pass savings back to our commuters,” said DRPA Vice Chairman Jeffrey L. Nash. “This bridge commuter credit is, hopefully, just the beginning of that effort.”

“We understand that commuting expenses can often be a burden for the hardworking men and women of this region,” said DRPA CEO John T. Hanson. “In working with our Board of Commissioners and with the support and participation of our employees and stakeholders, we are pleased to be able to offer this bridge commuter credit and are hopeful that it will provide some degree of relief.”

Approximately 30,000 E-ZPass customers use the DRPA bridges (the Ben Franklin, Walt Whitman, Betsy Ross, and Commodore Barry) 18 or more times per month. Combined, this program will save commuters approximately $6.4 million per year. Based on current and projected figures including the proposed credit, DRPA anticipates that it will not be necessary to raise the current toll rates for at least three years.

Implementation of the commuter credit is expected to occur within three months, allowing commuters to benefit from the discount before the end of 2015. The DRPA is a member of the NJ E-ZPass electronic toll collection group. Residents of all states may open an account with NJ E-ZPass.


Q: Will this result in a change in tolls?
A: The tolls on the four DRPA bridges for passenger vehicles are $5 per crossing and have been $5 since 9/1/2010 

Q: Are tolls going up? 
A: Tolls are not expected to increase in the next 3 years. 

Q: What if I take sick or vacation days and only work 15 days in a calendar month? 
A: The credit will only apply if a commuter crosses 18 times. 

Q: What if I cross more than 18 times in a calendar month? Will I receive a larger credit? 
A: No, the maximum credit is $18 per calendar month. 

Q: What if I have a senior discount on my E-ZPass? 
A: Commuters who are already in the Senior Discount Program are not eligible for the Commuter Credit. 

Q: What if my husband/partner/kids and I use the same E-ZPass tag on our cars?
A: The Commuter Credit is tag-specific and will be applied based on the trips per tag. 

Q: Will we have to fill out any application or new paperwork? 
A: NJ E-ZPass customers must login to their accounts and enroll, to receive the discount. Visit for more information. 

Q: Will this credit have to be renewed and approved every year by the DRPA? 
A: On July 15th the DRPA board approved the program for the next three years; after that, the program will require review and approval. 

Q: Where do I get more information about the DRPA Commuter Credit? 
A: Visit the DRPA website at or visit, to enroll.

Q: How/when will the Commuter Credit appear on my E-ZPass statement? 
A: Qualifying customers will still see $5 per trip noted on their current month statements. However, an $18 credit will appear on the statement for the following month after those 18 trips.


Enrollment Information

  1. Enrollment does not begin until December 1, 2015. Customers that enroll prior to December 28th, and complete 18 or more paid trips across any of the four DRPA bridges (Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, Commodore Barry or Walt Whitman), will receive an $18 dollar credit in the next month’s billing statement.
  2. The frequent DRPA Bridge Commuter Discount is not available for customers that are already enrolled in another DRPA Bridge Discount program.
  3. The DRPA Bridge Commuter Discount is currently only available for NJ E-Z Pass customers.


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