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Released: 5/27/2015 

Corporal John Quigley named DRPA Police Officer of the Year

CAMDEN, N.J. -- The Delaware River Port Authority Public Safety Department conferred its Fourth Annual Christopher Milito Award for Police Officer of the Year to Corporal John Quigley at a ceremony on Wednesday, May 27. Seventeen other police officers and public safety support staff were also recognized for meritorious service.

The Police Officer of the Year award is named in honor of DRPA Corporal Christopher Milito, who died in the line of duty in 2010. Members of the Milito family attended the ceremony.

“The men and women being honored today have saved many lives and protected hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of public and private property over the last year,” said DRPA CEO John T. Hanson.

“Our officers work in two states and a dozen different municipalities, including the fifth-largest city in the country,” Hanson said. “Whether on land, 150 feet above the Delaware River, or even on the river in our police boat, they risk their lives every day to protect public safety. We’re deeply grateful for their service, which represents the best kind of teamwork.” “Our police officers encounter nearly everything that a municipal officer does and then some,” said DRPA Public Safety Chief John Stief. “Our officers not only enforce the laws in New Jersey but also in Pennsylvania, and must be knowledgeable about how those laws differ in each state.”

At the ceremony, Corporal John Quigley was named the 2015 DRPA Police Officer of the Year for his leadership, work ethic, academic attainments and consistently superior professional performance. Quigley joined the DRPA Police Department in 2003 and was promoted to corporal in 2013. He has earned a master’s degree in Homeland Security at St. Joseph’s University. “Corporal Quigley is one of the most knowledgeable officers in the department, and is always ready to share his knowledge with his peers and subordinates,” Stief said. “He looks for the most efficient and effective ways to carry out the mission of the DRPA Police Department, and his teamwork and ability to lead by example make him a model law enforcement officer.”

In addition to the Police Officer of the Year award, several other awards and commendations were presented at the ceremony. 

The Squad Award went to Platoon #4 of the Ben Franklin Bridge, who made 406 arrests during calendar year 2014, more than half of them of motorists suspected of driving while intoxicated. The members of the squad include Sergeant Michael Voll (a previous recipient of Police Officer of the Year), Corporal John Quigley (this year’s recipient), Acting Corporal Jessica Gabe (a previous recipient of Police Officer of the Year), and Officers Stephanie Byrd, Michael DiBruno, Chris Tubens and Richard Zappile.

The Top Gun Award, given for the greatest number of arrests of motorists suspected of driving while intoxicated, went to Sergeant Michael Voll, who apprehended 75 drunk drivers in 2014. The department as a whole made 504 drunk driving arrests.

Letters of commendation were awarded to Sergeant Andre Brown, Corporals Timothy Hoagland and Peter Lawlor, Officers Daniel R. Baldorf, Francis X. Fullerton, Daniel M. Grazioli, Justin Palmer, John Rambo, Brian Reed and Timothy M. Silberstein, and Dispatcher Mecca Muse.

A special recognition plaque was given to Police Officer Michael Jordan on his retirement. Officer Jordan served on the DRPA force for 28 years, the last 11 of them as a member of the Bike Unit.

Attending the ceremony were DRPA commissioners Charles Fentress, Albert Frattali and Richard Sweeney of New Jersey and Rohan Hepkins and Whitney White of Pennsylvania; Deputy DRPA CEO Michael Conallen; DRPA Chaplain Monsignor Michael Mannion; and the families of the officers being honored.

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