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Released: 5/16/2013 

Legal Notice

Upon the recommendation of the Magistrate Judge serving as mediator in the litigation, the Delaware River Port Authority agreed to settle litigation filed by former Corporate Secretary John Lawless by entering into a settlement agreement under which the DRPA will pay one year’s salary as a form of severance pay to Mr. Lawless.  Mr. Lawless’ position was eliminated when it was consolidated with the Office of General Counsel as part of a corporate reorganization (see DRPA Resolution DRPA-10-059).

Because of the sensitive nature of Mr. Lawless’ position, he was escorted from the building by DRPA Public Safety personnel on the day of his separation in April 2010, a standard DRPA practice in such cases.   Media reports speculating on the circumstances surrounding his departure did not represent views held by either the DRPA or Mr. Lawless.

It was the decision of the parties to avoid the cost and uncertainty of future litigation and trial.  The settlement is neither an admission of fault by either the DRPA or Mr. Lawless nor an acknowledgment of liability on the part of the DRPA.


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