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Released: 10/30/2012 

PATCO Resumes Service At 6 PM Tonight- October 30

The PATCO High-Speed Line will resume service this evening.
At 6 p.m., one train will leave from the PATCO station at  Lindenwold, N.J. and one train will leave from 15th/16th & Locust streets in Philadelphia.  Trains then will run east- and westbound every 30 minutes.  After midnight, PATCO will run trains on a regular Night Owl schedule.
Tomorrow (Oct. 31) at 6 a.m., trains will begin running on a modified rush-hour schedule.   They will leave every 15 minutes and will travel at reduced speeds.  At 7 a.m., trains will begin running every 10 minutes and will travel at reduced speeds until 9 a.m.   Consequently, trips between the line’s east and west terminals should take 37 minutes, about 11 minutes longer than usual.  Passengers should  plan accordingly.
The reduced-speed schedule is an effort to maintain safe operations and avoid potential wheel slippage on tracks affected by abnormal amounts of leaves falling in one night.  
PATCO thanks its customers for their patience and understanding during Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.

Visit to view PATCO's modified schedule for October 31.

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