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Released: 2/23/2012 

PATCO Begins Customer Courtesy Initiatives

PATCO will begin a 3 month Quiet Car Pilot program on March 1.  The Quiet Car pilot program is designed to gauge customer acceptance.  The Quiet Car will be the last car of each train and will operate 24 hours a day Monday through Friday only.

Quiet car rules include placing all electronic devices on vibrate or mute, no calls on cellphones, and using earphones to listen to music with the volume set low so other passengers can’t hear it.  Customers may communicate through texting. Train operators will make periodic announcements directing customers to the Quiet Car, signage will be in the cars, and there will be messages on the variable message signs highlighting that the last car of each train is the Quiet Car.

PATCO President, John J. Matheussen, says “an online survey was conducted regarding the interest of our customers in PATCO offering a Quiet Car and the survey results showed a strong desire by our customers to begin a Quiet Car Program.”

PATCO General Manager, John Rink, adds “once the 3 month test period is over PATCO will conduct another survey to determine if the program was successful and should be continued or modified.”

PATCO Assistant General Manager, Cheryl Spicer, points out “the quiet car pilot program dovetails with a train etiquette campaign now underway encouraging our customers to be more polite when riding PATCO.”

The Delaware River Port Authority is a regional transportation agency.  DRPA owns and operates the Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Commodore Barry and Betsy Ross Bridges, and PATCO.  The DRPA also owns the RiverLink Ferry.

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