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Released: 3/3/2011 

DRPA To Replenish Salt Supply

The DRPA Board today approved spending $119,700 to buy 1900 tons of rock salt from the International Salt Company in Clarks Summitt, Pennsylvania.  This unusual mid-winter purchase comes following several winter storms, some of which brought significant icing to the region.

According to DRPA CEO, John J. Matheussen, “our dedicated work force kept the bridges open and PATCO operating following one winter event after another and it took 3,000 tons of salt to get the job done.”

Last year the Board approved buying 4600 tons of rock salt for this winter.  With roughly two thirds of that used so far the decision was made to make sure enough salt was on hand to get through whatever the remainder of this winter may bring.

The most salt was used by PATCO, 800 tons so far, to treat parking lots, sidewalks and platforms.  PATCO General Manager, Bob Box, says “Our need to salt the parking lots continues long after the storm has left the region as piled snow melts and refreezes on a daily basis.  The 800 tons matches what was used for all of 2009.”  DRPA COO, Tim Pulte, points out “more salt was used on the bridges this year than at any time in recent history.”  Over 600 tons of salt have been used so far at both the Walt Whitman and Commodore Barry Bridges.

The Delaware River Port Authority is a regional transportation agency.  DRPA owns and operates the Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Commodore Barry and Betsy Ross Bridges, and PATCO.  The DRPA also owns the RiverLink Ferry.

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