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Released: 6/17/2009 

NJ State Police Report Crime Decrease In Communities Served By Light Rail Lines

Recent media articles in the Courier Post and Philadelphia Inquirer have suggested there may be a fear that light rail brings crime in communities served by Light Rail Lines. 2007 Uniform Crime Report statistics assembled by the New Jersey State Police dispel that belief showing just the opposite is true.

New Jersey State Police statistics show during the first four years of operation of the RiverLINE  between Camden and Trenton total crime has decreased in RiverLINE communities by 18.59%.  The RiverLINE  began operations in early 2004.

The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Line started operations in the spring of 2000 and during its first eight years of operation State Police Statistics show total crime has decreased by 29.28% in communities served by that line.

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