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Released: 8/20/2008 

DRPA And PATCO Boards Approve New Bridge Toll And PATCO Fare Schedules

The Delaware River Port Authority and PATCO Board of Directors have approved changes to bridge toll and PATCO fare schedules.  The changes are scheduled to take effect on September 14th.   The decision comes following two public hearings and presentations before the Finance Committee on Friday, August 15th.

Here are the new toll and fare schedules which are scheduled to take effect on September 14th:


  1. A $1.00 increase September 2008, ($4.00), another $1.00 increase September 2010, ($5.00), and cost of living increases every two years after that.  There will be proportional increases for all other toll classes. 
  2. A phase out of the commuter discount.  The credit for 18 crossings a month on the same transponder will be reduced to $12 in September 2008, reduced to $6.00 in September 2009 and the discount would end September 2010.
  3. The senior citizen discount will remain with a few changes.  On September 14th,  2008, the senior citizen discount rate will be $2.00 - Seniors should use two (2) $1 coupons for the new toll.  However, for seniors who use an E-ZPass transponder, the toll will be $1.75 -Details on the program's formal implementation are being finalized.  We expect further information shortly after Labor Day.  Senior citizen coupons will be sold until December 31, 2008.  All senior citizens must have an E-ZPass transponder on September 1, 2010 in order to get a discount and on that date the discount toll for seniors will be $2.50.  After that time the senior citizen toll will be half of the regular toll.   The last time the senior discount was increased was in 1992.  To participate in the Senior Discount Program, you must be 65 years or older.  THE DELAWARE RIVER  PORT AUTHORITY REMAINS THE ONLY TOLL AGENCY IN THE COUNTRY WITH A SENIOR DISCOUNT.
  4. The current commercial discount will be eliminated.
  5. CREATION OF A NEW GREEN PASS DISCOUNT.  This new $1.00 discount will be offered to E-ZPass customers driving low emission vehicles that get at least 45 miles to the gallon.  The vehicles must meet the California Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle or pre-model year 2005 hybrid vehicle certified to the California Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Standard.  This discount is scheduled to sunset after two years.


  1. A 10% increase September 2008, another 10% increase September 2010 with cost of living increases every two years after that.
  2. The federally mandated reduced fare program for seniors and disabled which is now 57 cents would increase to 62 cents September 2008 and then 70 cents September 2010.
  3. PATCO fares vary depending on the length of the trip however looking at the person who travels from Lindenwold, Ashland or Woodcrest, to Center City Philadelphia the cost of a one-way ticket would increase 25 cents from $2.45 to $2.70 September 2008.  In September 2010, the cost would increase 30 cents from $2.70 to $3.00.

The last general toll hike was on 1/2/2000 when the toll went from $2.00 to $3.00 although the 10% E-ZPass discount for occasional users was eliminated on 1/1/2004.  PATCO fares have been stable since 7/29/2001 when they were increased 16 percent.
Information on the new toll and fare schedules can be found on the Delaware River Port Authority website,
The Delaware River Port Authority is a regional transportation agency.  DRPA owns and operates the Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Commodore Barry and Betsy Ross Bridges, and PATCO, the Philadelphia Cruise Terminal and the RiverLink Ferry.

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