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Modeling The Way

Modeling The Way  highlights rising leaders within DRPA & PATCO who began their careers in an entry-level position and have risen to a supervisory role. These employees have graciously offered to share a personal look at their career journey and their important role in achieving our stewardship mission. 

DRPA & PATCO are committed to investing in employees and providing opportunities for career advancement. Since 2014, more than 170 employees have been promoted to higher level positions at the agency.

Employees Modeling The Way
Employees Modeling The Way

DRPA & PATCO Employees Modeling the Way

Ricardo DeOliveira

Ricardo DeOliveira was only living in the United States for six months when a good friend told him about his experiences working at PATCO...

Ricardo DeOliveira 

Bridge Director, Walt Whitman & Commodore Barry Bridges

John Stephenson

“What do you print?” is a question John Stephenson hears a lot when he tells people he meets that he manages a print shop for the Delaware River Port Authority for a living...

John Stephenson

Supervisor, Printing Services


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